Setting a new security agenda

While some have accepted terror as the new normal, we at Evolv have not. The inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of today’s security measures are unacceptable, and we exist to change that.

In 2013, led by Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara, we set out on our mission to make the world a safer place. We assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts to identify, invent and apply new technologies to create a solution that meets the challenges in this ever-changing threat landscape. Combining powerful sensors, artificial intelligence, and human IQ, like nothing before it, we created the Evolv Mosaiq™ security platform. Both scalable and adaptable, Mosaiq was built for today’s increasingly dangerous world, and introduces a proactive approach to security that shatters the status quo.

Guided by the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to security, we continue to build on the most advanced threat detection system the world has ever known.

Meet Our Team
Michael Ellenbogen
Leadership Team
Anil Chitkara
Leadership Team
Becky Zehr
Leadership Team
Lorena Kreda
Richard Abraham
Brian Knoth
Sandi Marcus
Alec Rose
Kevin Phelan
Sheera Kaizerman
Chris McLaughlin
Dennis Donahue
Jim Hamilton
Allison MacHaffie
Peter Conway
Steve Burger
Brandon Wolfe
Brice Rive
Sergey Bebenin
Michael Martin
Olesya Peshko
Bob Falk
Nicholas Leary
Marco Gilardoni
Ramesh Nathan
Bruce Metcalf
Ersel Karbeyaz
Peter Lorenz
Stephanie Bellistri
Liza Knapp
Christine Masterson
Cee Chhon
Kenny Stewart
Michele MacDonald
Ken Flowers
Neil Sandhoff
Jeff Cahill
Richard Stuart
Dan Ferris
Meet Our Advisors
Juliette Kayyem
Former DHS
David Cohen
Former CIA, NYPD
John Sanders
Former TSA
John Pistole
Former FBI, TSA
Bilal Zuberi
Lux Capital
Mark Sullivan
Former US Secret Service
Joel Cutler
General Catalyst
Patrick Ennis
Intellectual Ventures
  • Bill Gates

We’re always seeking talented individuals who want to join us on our mission. If you don’t see a role listed that matches your experience, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Corporate Headquarters
Evolv Technology
200 West Street
Waltham, MA 02451 USA| (781) 374-8100