No matter the type of venue, facility or organization, or the person being screened, balancing safety and security with customer experience is critical and challenging. Rather than using the same method to screen both known and unknown individuals, Evolv Edge™ delivers a screening system that is adaptable to location, changing intel about threat streams and to the people being screened. Ideal application scenarios include employee screening, visitor screening and VIP screening.

Evolv Edge Airport Case Study

Employee Screening

Insider threat is a real concern for security professionals. How do you mitigate risk without placing undue burden on employees? Long lines caused by walk-through metal detectors (WTMD) create a negative impact on your workforce. Removing clothing and having bags searched produces anxiety and lowers morale. Human-based screening, including use of hand wands and manual searches, can naturally suffer from inconsistency and biases. It can cause guards to lose focus on what matters—looking for real threats. With Evolv Edge™, organizations are confident in their ability to mitigate the risk of insider threat. Their screening process has higher throughput with the right concept of operations for the facility, is less invasive, and provides a better employee experience. Integrated facial recognition verifies employees for access and prevents terminated employees from gaining unauthorized entry. Automation enables improved, objective guard performance. And efficiencies result in operating expense savings.

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Key considerations for detecting physical security threats

Case Study: Iconic Landmark

Visitor Screening

Landmarks, stadiums and various other venues want to have the ability to screen for both explosives and firearms, while improving the visitor’s screening experience. Slow, invasive processes detract from the experience. And depending on the venue, consistently maintaining high throughput and screening accuracy while managing crowd surges is critical and can be challenging. Evolv Edge enables venues to move people through screening efficiently without causing bottlenecks due to slow, invasive and often cursory bag checks. While visible and acting as a deterrent, the Evolv Edge’s clean design and small operational footprint fits in unobtrusively with a venue’s design aesthetic and complements the visitor experience instead of detracting from it.

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