Protect your visitors, employees and reputation from threats before they occur.

Safety vs. Convenience.
You no longer have to choose.

Evolv Edge™ consistently scans visitors and employees for weapons and bombs. It provides peace of mind to visitors so they can enjoy their visit without worry and not miss a minute. Employees can feel safe and get to work efficiently and VIPs can be identified quickly to gain fast and easy access.

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Weapon And Bomb Detection

Automated Screening

Automated Consistent Screening

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No Lines

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No Emptying Pockets

High Speed Security Without the Hassle.

Everyone gets to their destination on time with no line buildup or bottlenecks.

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Our products are in wide use for visitor and employee screening at top entertainment venues, international airports, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large scale events, and national landmarks worldwide.

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Is Your Current Method Of Security Working?

Maybe you started people screening with wands and metal detectors, and found them inefficient, labor intensive and slow.

You may have even considered K-9s but found them to be inconsistent, expensive and only able to operate for a limited time.

Or perhaps you’ve looked at all the options and determined that the hassle outweighs the benefit and chose to operate without any people screening at all.

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Evolv Edge

Screen Over 800 People Per Hour

The Evolv Edge™ scans over 800 people per hour so there’s no line buildup or bottlenecks. Visitors and employees can get to their destination on time without a hassle.

Evolv Edge™

Take the hassle out of people screening by consistently scanning everyone for weapons and bombs without the need to stop or empty pockets.

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Evolv Pinpoint

Know who’s coming through the door with integrated face recognition that delivers results in seconds.

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