Key considerations for security, venue operators and facility managers


Almost every week we hear about a soft target attack by a terrorist, bad actor or otherwise adversary determined to kill as many people as possible. Venues and facilities of all kinds are vulnerable—stadiums, concert halls, shopping malls, airports, office buildings, nightclubs, schools, and other places where people congregate in a free society.

This eBook defines an approach to physical security that effectively balances threat detection with a positive visitor experience—traditionally, two mutually opposing goals. It draws on extensive experience in law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and physical security screening, as well as ongoing discussions with security experts worldwide.

You’ll learn about:

* Limitations of traditional screening technology, and the potential consequences of those limitations
* Key decisions to make when considering new screening technology
* A new approach for protecting soft targets, validated by independent third-party testing

This dangerous, unpredictable environment is forcing security directors and facility managers to rethink their security strategies. How do you get started? What are the key considerations you should be thinking about?

Download the eBook to learn how institute an effective security plan and helps keep your facility safe while maintaining its natural look and feel.