Enabling Data-Driven Security Decisions

Evolv Insights provides you and your team with the ability to easily access and visualize your security screening system performance, visitor flow, location-specific performance and more.

Easily Review, Analyze and Gather insights

Evolv Insights™ is a powerful analytics dashboard accessible through the secure My Evolv Portal. You can use it to comprehensively review, analyze and gather insights from your Express screening systems at your various venue or facility locations. Explore and compare data such as visitor arrival curves and counts, system detection performance, alarm statistics and detection settings.

Futureproof Security and Operations

It’s time to explore new venue security models to solve today and tomorrow’s biggest operational challenges. Discover the latest trends and tools you need to turn data insights you collect into improved security postures.

Business Benefits

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Aggregate data across all systems at a site, entrances within a site, event types and detection settings

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Identify system and location of outliers of interest

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Analyze visitor arrivals including numbers, flow, curve and trends

“As a leader in designing weapons detection solutions, gaining insights into the actual throughput and alerts is fundamental to those designs.”

Founder and Managing Partner Dan Donovan at Ingressotek

“The ability to better understand and anticipate how our patrons return to Omaha Performing Arts events as we come out of the pandemic will be valuable as we refine our reopening plans.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Arnold Reeves at the Omaha Performing Arts

“With Express we have a state-of-the-art system that can help us increase security efforts while maintaining a high level of service for our guests.”

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Security Director Sam Guzman

Enabling Capabilities

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Analyze and drill down to specific system IDs to drive a specific action

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Export data and visuals to csv, pdf and ppt to easily enable sharing with colleagues and leadership

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Save and bookmark frequently used views

Why Evolv

At Evolv, we provide a secure and seamless screening experience, making it possible for venues of all kinds to keep visitors safe from concealed weapons, public health threats and intruders. People screening that’s intelligent, low-profile and incredibly accurate — that’s what we do.