Detects Weapons and Bombs

800 people
or more per hour

< 1 Second
Face Recognition results
are delivered

15 min
to set up

divestment required

Imagine A World Where Safety And Fast People Screening CoExist.

The Evolv Edge™ takes the hassle out of people screening by consistently scanning everyone for bombs and weapons without the need to stop or empty pockets.

People walk through the system at a regular pace without the need to stop, pause, or turn around. They can even walk through with bags. The Evolv Edge scans over 800 people per hour using active MMW imaging.

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Screen Anywhere.

The entire system is self-contained – the only requirement is wall power. All software, hardware and accessories are included and deployment takes less than 15 minutes. Wheels make the system highly mobile, so it can be moved from room to room or building to building.

With a range of performance modes and multiple detection sensitivity settings, the flexible system can adapt to different threat levels and operational situations to comply with your risk-based security policies as they change.

Is Your Current Method Of Security Working?

Maybe you started people screening with wands and metal detectors, and found them inefficient, labor intensive and slow.

You may have even considered K-9s but found them to be inconsistent, expensive and only able to operate for a limited time.

Or perhaps you’ve looked at all the options and determined that the hassle outweighs the benefit and chose to operate without any people screening at all.

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The Evolv Edge™ Advantage

With a throughput rate of over 800 people per hour and the ability to scan bags, the Evolv Edge™ reduces the security footprint, the number of guards needed to provide security and lowers security costs.

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Case Study

Oakland International Airport improves operational efficiency as traveler headcount increases

Evolv Edge™ Features


Detect Multiple Threats Consistently

Consistently screens everyone with the same level of scrutiny for not only weapons; but bombs too.

Provide A ‘Hassle Free’ Visitor Experience

Leave belongings in pockets and personal bags in hand and just walk through. No divestment. No pause and pose.

Adapt To Different Threat Levels

System has mulitple detection sensitivity settings to respond to different threat scenarios and risk-based security strategies.

Improve Guard Experience

Delivers easy, automated red light / green light scan results and displays the location of the threat via a digital image.


Accelerate Traffic Flow

Scans each person in less than 5 seconds for efficient crowd management.

Face Recognition

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out With Integrated Face Recognition

Built-in camera captures facial images of visitors and matches them against a locally defined gallery.


Gain Insight With Screening Analytics

Obtain data on people screened by time to aid in planning and decision making.


Plug It In And Go

The entire system is self-contained; the only requirement is wall power.

Move It Where You Need It

Internal and external wheels enable you to move it from room to room or building to building with ease.

Evolv Edge Diagram

The Evolv Edge™ Is Trusted, Proven, Reliable And Certified.

The Evolv Edge™ is in wide use for visitor, employee and VIP screening at top entertainment venues, international airports, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large scale events and national landmarks worldwide.

The Evolv Edge™ is manufactured in the United States and has been tested, verified, and approved by numerous organizations worldwide.

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Read how Evolv has helped customers in all kinds of venues balance their security goals with a positive visitor experience.

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The Evolv Technology, Global Services group provides customer support and includes the following key services:

24/7 Call Center
Software Upgrade Support
On-site Field Services Engineer Support
Initial Training and Refresher Training

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