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Evolv Pinpoint

VIP Alerts

  • Identify VIPs from your VIP opt-in list in seconds.
  • Receive discrete notifications.
  • Real-time push notification (SMS-Email).

BOLO Identification

  • Recognize people on your BOLO list as they enter your facility.
  • Prevent; don’t just react.
  • Quickly and easily load and update your gallery.
Pinpoint Screen

Identify VIPs and Persons of Interest in Real-time as They Enter Your Facility

The Evolv Pinpoint facial recognition optional add-on powered by software AI using neural networks and deep learning, provides an additional layer of customer service and improved security. 

Evolv Pinpoint is an optional product that can be purchased as an add-on to Evolv’s smart, frictionless checkpoint system, Evolv Edge. Pinpoint immediately identifies your visitors in seconds, enabling you to take swift action: From being able to greet a VIP as they enter your facility, to identifying someone on your “be on the lookout” (BOLO) list not permitted on premise.

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How Evolv Pinpoint Works

Your examiners no longer need to memorize every face on your lists. Evolv Pinpoint facial recognition software immediately identifies individuals as they walk through the Evolv security systems, adding real-time alerting capabilities and can support multiple locations.

  • An IP camera captures a visitor’s face and compares that image to a localized database.
  • Matching images are processed in seconds and compared to multiple watchlists.
  • Be on the lookout (BOLO) or very important persons (VIP) are identified and guards are notified though overt or covert means.
  • Alerts can be sent directly to your security operations center for instantaneous distribution enabling you to take swift action and protect your facility.


Only Evolv Pinpoint

Customers have the option to integrate facial recognition technology into their Evolv Edge system to provide biometric security for VIPs and persons of interest.

Evolv Pinpoint supports 1:N identification, searching from multiple watchlists, as well as your employee and VIP databases. Single BOLO images can be easily loaded to a stand-alone unit or into a centralized repository for networked systems, and Pinpoint offers the ability to bulk load large employee databases, as well.

Evolv Pinpoint Features

Accuracy in the Wild for Match Certainty

Instantly identify individuals at a distance, in crowds and in challenging conditions.

Real-time Alerting

Configurable and actionable match alerts using mobile push notifications, SMS and email.

Increased Throughput

Automated matching of images against select databases and watchlists.

Scalable Architecture

Scale without performance loss, sharing data across unlimited locations and users.

Integrates with biometrics databases and allows multiple groups or agencies to run simultaneous instances of Pinpoint to share data.

Exceptional Performance Speed

Query vast databases at a rate of thousands of images in less than one second.

Easy Integration

Easily add face recognition into your existing application with robust API/SDKs.

Plug & Play with Intuitive Web Interface

Two-minute deployment includes automated camera discovery, server assignments and health monitoring.

Users and administrators can be trained within hours.

Privacy Protection

Privacy best practices have been configured to ensure no raw data is stored, data is encrypted, and personal privacy is protected.

Import/Export Capabilities

Import small batches of 25 manually or import large quantities in the thousands in batch format.

Quickly download images in seconds to share with law enforcement.

Bias Prevention

Industry-leading techniques are employed to maximize match accuracy while actively preventing bias based on race, age, gender or national origin.

Privacy by Design

Evolv has adopted principles from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) which focus on areas such as collection of personal data, relevancy and purpose for collecting data, use limitations, security safeguards and more.

Here are a few of the ways Evolv works to safeguard personal privacy:

  • Facial recognition lists are created and loaded into the Pinpoint system by the security team.
  • If a threat is not detected, no image appears on the tablet. 
  • We never build an image of a person that would enable anyone to see anatomical details and the system does not create or store any images.
  • Mask-ID blurs the faces of anonymous visitors to protect their privacy.


The Evolv Technology Global Services group provides customer support and includes the following key services:

  • 24/7 call center
  • Software upgrade support
  • On-site field services engineer support
  • Initial training and refresher training

Evolv Edge

Take the hassle out of people screening by consistently scanning everyone for weapons and bombs without the need to stop or empty pockets.

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