Pinpoint Screen

Imagine a world where you know who’s walking through your door

Would you like to know who is entering your facility? Perhaps a VIP or someone on your “be on the lookout list” who is not permitted on premise?

Today’s existing manual methods for identifying people are inconsistent and ineffective.

Evolv Pinpoint is a face recognition identity capability that identifies your unwanted visitors so you can take action.

Face Recognition That’s Integrated With The Evolv Edge™

Evolv Pinpoint face recognition immediately identifies people as they walk through the Evolv Edge™ by taking a photo of them via a built-in camera. The photo is displayed to the guard on a tablet in less than one second and matches it to the photos in your database.

Evolv Pinpoint face recognition provides real-time actionable information to the front line to keep unwanted guests out and to welcome the ones you want in.

Evolv Pinpoint Features

Image Gallery Management

Recommended Capacity of 50

Enrollment via local USB upload

Three color-coded alert categories

Three user-defined descriptive tags per person

Gallery revisions during operations

System Usage For Supervisors

Import image gallery

Set operating mode

Modify alert settings and review alert history

System Usage For Guards

Single user interface on tablet

Fused threat screening and face recognition on single display

Automated alerts – Information (Green), Warning (Yellow), Severe (Red)

Operation And Performance

Face recognition results in <1 second provides guards with early warning

Gallery revisions during operations updates can be made without interrupting operations to quickly adapt


The Evolv Technology, Global Services group provides customer support and includes the following key services:

24/7 Call Center
Software Upgrade Support
On-site Field Services Engineer Support
Initial Training and Refresher Training

Evolv Edge

Take the hassle out of people screening by consistently scanning everyone for weapons and bombs without the need to stop or empty pockets.

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