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Taking Pride in Keeping People Safe

Having spent the better part of the past seven years in the security industry, Kevin discusses how he imagined a product that was touchless and unobtrusive, yet still capable of stopping the most dangerous threats. He didn’t believe such a product existed, except in his imagination. In reality, he wasn’t sure a system like that was even possible. Read More

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It’s About the Data – Applying Analytics to Step Change Security Screening and Operations

It’s about the data. Until now, physical security screening and rich front door visitor entry data has been an untapped resource. Moving from analog to digital, Evolv has transformed physical security screening using state-of-the-art sensors and AI-based software. Our systems constantly capture valuable data at this “threshold real estate” which can be mined, analyzed and used for optimizing operational efficiency.  Read More

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Working for a Higher Purpose: Keeping People Safe

Lincoln Center is one of the most iconic event spaces in the world, home to the Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, renowned theater spaces and much more. The facilities that comprise Lincoln Center host approximately 5 million visitors a year. You can imagine that it was quite a feather in our cap to engage Lincoln… Read more »

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“Safe at Home”, Once Again

By Rick Abraham, Vice President, Technical Sales and Solutions, Evolv Technology with Jeff Cahill, Manager Customer Success, Evolv Technology One of the most rewarding things about our work at Evolv is that we get to help people do the things they love with a greater sense of safety, security, comfort, and convenience. It’s not just… Read more »

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Diving into the Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence Technology Behind Evolv Express

It’s always nice to see your work recognized, so it was gratifying to me and the entire team here at Evolv Technology to learn we earned an Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award from the Business Intelligence Group. The award is particularly meaningful because it goes to companies that “bring AI to life and apply it to solve… Read more »

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The Next Step in Democratizing Security

In view of today’s announcement, I wanted to provide a little more color about how this all relates to our mission and why this moment is so important to that mission. People who join Evolv, including me, come here because we want to make the world a safe place to live, work, learn, and play.… Read more »

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Manchester City’s new Touchless Security Screening

Supporters will Benefit from an Improved Matchday Experience at the Etihad Stadium Welcoming thousands of supporters into sports stadia in a time-efficient manner has always been a priority for clubs around the world. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic ensuring that the highest standards of public health and safety are maintained, alongside an efficient… Read more »

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Digital Threshold News: A Conversation on Innovation, Ideation and Data

Where is the pace of innovation, ideation and data heading? It’s a substantial question with multiple answers. Technology and those behind it are at their crux problem-solvers, and the world still has plenty of problems to solve. In looking at technology’s future, Evolv started the year utilizing its next episode of Digital Threshold Live to… Read more »

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Survey Shows Fast, Reliable Screening is Crucial to Bringing Back Live Events

The Harris Poll survey shows event-goers are just as concerned about physical safety as COVID protection – and not satisfied with traditional metal detectors. While these days we all yearn to return to some semblance of normal life, most aren’t going to feel comfortable returning to concerts, sporting events and the like for several months… Read more »

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A Look Back at How We “Evolved” in 2020

While last year was filled with an abundance of sadness, uncertainty and civil unrest, it’s important not to overlook accomplishments and successes. As we put our 2021 plan into motion, I’d like to highlight the key awards, news coverage, launches, customer achievements and key lessons from 2020 that have set us up for an outstanding… Read more »