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(Re)open for Business: The Steps Venues are Taking to Ensure Visitor Safety and a Positive Experience

As more ticketed venues reopen, the need to minimize physical contact is driving demand for touchless interaction. Read about how venues like Hersheypark, Six Flags Theme Parks and Georgia Aquarium are using Evolv’s AI-based touchless security screening systems to create family-friendly environments where visitors feel safe, aware they are being protected but not intrusively reminded of it. Read More

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Transforming Human Security and Saving Lives

Security can only be effective if it works in the real world. Sounds simple, right? Mike Ellenbogen talks about how innovation in detection has to address often competing requirements: balance the physics of detection, address the realities of all of the personal items we carry, and support the operational needs of the customer. And, it must satisfy all three in a way that achieves high throughput, quickly and more securely than the alternatives. Read about how this game-changing technology earned Evolv a coveted Edison Award. Read More

Artificial Intelligence, Evolv Ideas, Human Security, Industry News, Touchless Screening

The Future of Security After Mass Reopenings

On April 21, 2020, Evolv Technology CEO, Peter George, joined Bloomberg Quicktake Anchor, Tim Stenovec, to discuss Evolv’s touchless AI-based security screening technology to keep people and venues safe. Read More

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Living the Mission Every Day

Helping people and keeping them safe has been the cornerstone of Bill’s career, and for that matter, his life. From a 28-year career in law enforcement to his current role in the private sector, Bill McAteer talks about his focus on community, safety and training, and how he’s woven his commitment to keep people safe throughout his personal and professional life. Read More

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Taking Pride in Keeping People Safe

Having spent the better part of the past seven years in the security industry, Kevin discusses how he imagined a product that was touchless and unobtrusive, yet still capable of stopping the most dangerous threats. He didn’t believe such a product existed, except in his imagination. In reality, he wasn’t sure a system like that was even possible. Read More

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It’s About the Data – Applying Analytics to Step Change Security Screening and Operations

It’s about the data. Until now, physical security screening and rich front door visitor entry data has been an untapped resource. Moving from analog to digital, Evolv has transformed physical security screening using state-of-the-art sensors and AI-based software. Our systems constantly capture valuable data at this “threshold real estate” which can be mined, analyzed and used for optimizing operational efficiency.  Read More

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Working for a Higher Purpose: Keeping People Safe

Lincoln Center is one of the most iconic event spaces in the world, home to the Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, renowned theater spaces and much more. The facilities that comprise Lincoln Center host approximately 5 million visitors a year. You can imagine that it was quite a feather in our cap to engage Lincoln… Read more »

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“Safe at Home”, Once Again

By Rick Abraham, Vice President, Technical Sales and Solutions, Evolv Technology with Jeff Cahill, Manager Customer Success, Evolv Technology One of the most rewarding things about our work at Evolv is that we get to help people do the things they love with a greater sense of safety, security, comfort, and convenience. It’s not just… Read more »

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Diving into the Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence Technology Behind Evolv Express

It’s always nice to see your work recognized, so it was gratifying to me and the entire team here at Evolv Technology to learn we earned an Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award from the Business Intelligence Group. The award is particularly meaningful because it goes to companies that “bring AI to life and apply it to solve… Read more »

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The Next Step in Democratizing Security

In view of today’s announcement, I wanted to provide a little more color about how this all relates to our mission and why this moment is so important to that mission. People who join Evolv, including me, come here because we want to make the world a safe place to live, work, learn, and play.… Read more »