In Today's World, Anything Can Be a Target

Our Customers Don’t Accept This As The New Normal

Soft target threats are the new reality. Today, millions of people are vulnerable to attacks as private facilities, public venues, and the transportation infrastructure have become potential targets. The world needs a security solution that can adapt in this ever-changing threat landscape. Evolv Technology exists to answer that call with our first-of-its-kind security platform.

Yesterday's Thinking
Post 9/11, threats have drastically shifted from government buildings, military bases, airplane bombs and hijackings.
Current Threats
Today, adversaries are zeroing in on special events, schools, shopping centers, transportation hubs, and sporting venues.

It’s time for security technology to change

Adversaries are growing increasingly more innovative, and security technology isn’t keeping up. At a time when we should be focused on detecting explosives and firearms, old technology is still detecting pocket knives, car keys, and cell phones. As lines form and crowds gather, the burden of security inefficiencies becomes even more evident. It has never been more clear that we need a better solution.

Introducing Evolv Edge, a real-time threat detection and prevention platform

Multi-material detection,
different sensor types
Deep learning,
anomaly detection
Face recognition biometrics,
integrated into operations

Multilayered security for advanced threat detection and prevention

Combining multiple sensors, artificial intelligence, and human IQ, Evolv Technology introduces a proactive, real-time approach to security that can learn and adapt quickly to emerging threats.

Create Awareness

Spot incursions and anomalies for advanced threat warning

Identify Individuals

Identify individuals of interest and enable situational awareness

Detect Threats

Conduct screening while maintaining traffic flow

Intelligence at the Front Line

Analyze visitor activity, control access and detect threats

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