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Introducing Evolv Express

The First Free-Flow Smart Threat Detection System

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Evolv has screened more than
people, preventing more than
from entering venues and places of work.

Why Evolv

10X Faster Throughput

Evolv can screen over 3,600 people per hour. Visitors and employees walk side-by-side or in groups through multi-lane entrances up to eight feet wide.

Frictionless Screening

Only with Evolv, no stopping is required. No emptying pockets or removing bags. Visitors simply walk through naturally.

Targeted Searches

Guards see a real-time image on a screen showing precisely where the potential threat is in a bag or on a person’s body.

Smarter Over Time

With the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform, Express becomes more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered. Stay ahead of the threat landscape.

Highlighted Customers

Case Studies

Our products are in wide use for visitor and employee screening at top entertainment venues, schools, international airports, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large-scale events, and national landmarks worldwide.

Download the Evolv Security Kit.

Learn more about how Evolv protects customers without sacrificing the user experience.

Trusted, Proven, Reliable.

Evolv’s products have kept millions of people safe in venues worldwide.

The Evolv Edge™ is manufactured in the United States and has been tested, verified, and approved by numerous organizations worldwide.

Certifications & Awards

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