Transforming Human Security

Evolv Technology is revolutionizing security screening by combining advanced sensors and AI to protect visitors at a wide variety of events and venues from concealed weapons and public health threats.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Traditional security screening is inefficient, unintelligent and inconvenient.

In today’s world, with today’s technology, this is simply unacceptable. At Evolv Technology, we leverage today’s technology to counter today’s threats partnering with companies and venues to provide next-level security screening that’s incredibly accurate—and nearly invisible.

Recent Harris Poll data reports 87% of Americans would return to a venue with touchless security and temperature screening in place. Evolv can help.

Experience Evolv in person and learn how to accelerate your security screening by 10x and reduce labor costs by up to 70%.

Learn how to easily review, analyze and gather insights to make data-driven security decisions.


The Rise of the Digital Threshold

There are currently three waves of change that are crashing down on venues at the same time – the Normalization of Pandemics, Armed Anxiety, and the Digital Transformation of Physical Security. The future of people screening will be quite different, but it will be better—at least for those who learn to adapt.


Transforming Human Security

Download the eBook to learn about transforming physical security screening into human safety by improving the visitor, student and employee experience while continuing to improve security.

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