COVID-19 Tools & Guidelines

In Today’s World, Safety Means Physical and Health Safety.

There is continued uncertainty around COVID-19 and its ongoing impact on businesses worldwide. As many of you plan to reopen and understand what this “reimagined normal” looks like, we will continue to offer our services and partnership to ensure you can provide a safe environment for all. This page provides resources related to government and venue guidelines to help you navigate these unchartered waters.

In today’s world, safety now means public safety AND public health. The Evolv Family has profoundly changed security screening requirements, especially for large venues and facilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can help you meet an extremely daunting new list of security screening requirements in order to reopen.

Guidelines & Resources

Taking the Temperature on Thermal Imaging

In this “new normal”, COVID-19 is the biggest threat on virtually everyone’s mind. It “weaponizes” people and is changing the very fabric of our society while challenging our social norms driving a surge of interest for thermal imaging as a front line of defense.

Given the vast amount of thermal imaging options, it is critical to understand what thermal imaging CAN provide…and what it CANNOT.

In our latest blog, VP of Product Management, Steve Morandi, walks you through important tips on what to look for, and discusses our latest innovations.

Reimagining Recreation

COVID-19 has forced us to “reimagine” the recreation space. In our latest blog, Reimagining Recreation, our team has broken down key takeaways from Evolv’s Adaptive Recovery Webinar last month.

Also in this informative piece, you’ll find key considerations based on your customer’s journey to ensure a safe and fun reopening – from the time the individual approaches your venue or facility until they are inside and enjoying themselves.

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About Evolv

At Evolv, we provide a secure and seamless screening experience, making it possible for venues of all kinds to keep visitors safe from concealed weapons, public health threats and intruders. People screening that’s intelligent, low-profile and incredibly accurate — that’s what we do. Contact us to learn more.