Safety and Touchless People Screening Coexist

Stop explosives and firearms without stopping the flow of foot traffic.

The only high-speed smart checkpoint system that can detect a wide range of weapons, metallic and non-metallic items of interest while allowing visitors enter one-at-a-time at their natural pace.

Edge Product Features

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Fast Throughput

Screens 800 ppl/hr — 2.5X faster than metal detectors
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Targeted Resolution

Real-time metallic & non-metallic weapons detection
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Touchless Screening

No stopping or emptying of pockets or bags is required

Introducing Evolv Edge®

With Evolv, no stopping or emptying of pockets or bags is required — you simply walk through the entrance holding your bags at your side. If a threat is detected, Evolv Edge® instantly identifies the person, and the location of the object of interest is shown on a screen to the security team.

Screen Anywhere

Our entirely self-contained system only requires a place to plug in. All software, hardware and accessories are included, and deployment takes less than 15 minutes. Wheels make the system highly mobile, so it can be moved from room to room or building to building.

With a range of performance modes and multiple detection sensitivity settings, our flexible system can adapt to different threat levels and operational situations to comply and adapt with your risk-based security policies.

Trusted, Proven and Reliable

Evolv Express is manufactured in the United States and has been tested, verified and approved by numerous organizations.

It’s used at top entertainment venues, stadiums, cultural landmarks, distribution centers, hospitals and schools.

Evolv has screened over 50 million people, second only to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security TSA.