Evolv Express – Frictionless Smart Firearm and Bomb Detection System

  • Real-Time Detection: Guns and other weapons.
  • Fastest Throughput: Screens over 3600 people per hour. Visitors can walk through side-by-side or in groups.
  • Frictionless: No stopping. No emptying pockets or removing bags.
  • Target Searches: See in real-time where the potential threat is on a person’s body.
  • Smarter Over Time: With the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform.

Stop Active Shooters With Evolv Express

It’s now possible to prevent active shooters and bombers from entering your venue without sacrificing the visitor experience.

Evolv Express powered by the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform delivers the only frictionless high-speed smart firearm and bomb detection system that screens over 3600 people per hour (60 people per minute) and gets smarter over time. Evolv Express keeps high volume entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and other weapons as visitors walk through at a natural pace.

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Only Evolv Express

With Evolv, no stopping is required, no emptying of pockets or removing bags; people simply walk right through.  If a threat is detected, the system instantly identifies where the potential threat is on the person’s body.

With the Evolv Express you get:

  • 10X Faster Throughput Than traditional Checkpoints: Screens over 3,600 people per hour. Visitors and employees walk side-by-side or in groups through multi-lane entrances up to eight feet wide.
  • Real-Time Metallic Weapons Detection: The Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform instantly distinguishes between threats such as a gun, and the things we normally carry like a cell phone.
  • Frictionless Screening: Only with Evolv, no stopping is required. No emptying of pockets or removing bags. Groups of people screened simultaneously; personal items do not require removal. Visitors simply walk through naturally.
  • Targeted Searches, Reducing the Burden on Security Teams: Guards see a real-time image on a screen showing where the potential threat is on a person’s body.
  • Smarter Over Time: Stay ahead of the threat landscape. With the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform, Express becomes more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered.

Evolv Express Features


Detect Multiple Threats Consistently

Consistently screens everyone with the same level of scrutiny for not only weapons, but bombs too.

Provide A ‘Hassle Free’ Visitor Experience

Leave belongings in pockets and personal bags in hand and just walk through. No divestment. No pause and pose.

Adapt to Different Threat Levels

System has mulitple detection sensitivity settings to respond to different threat scenarios and risk-based security strategies.

Improve Guard Experience

Delivers easy, automated red light / green light scan results and displays the location of the threat via a digital image.


Accelerate Traffic Flow

Scans each person in less than 5 seconds for efficient crowd management.

Face Recognition

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out With Integrated Face Recognition

Built-in camera captures facial images of visitors and matches them against a locally defined gallery.


Gain Insight With Screening Analytics

Obtain data on people screened by time to aid in planning and decision making.


Plug It In and Go

The entire system is self-contained; the only requirement is wall power.

Evolv Edge Diagram

Evolv Is Trusted, Proven, and Reliable.

Organizations such as Lincoln Center, Oakland Airport, Gillette Stadium, and LL Bean use Evolv to prevent active shooters and bombers from entering their venues while providing a non-intrusive experience.

Evolv reduces the burden on security teams and takes the hassle out of people screening at places of work, transportation hubs, sports stadiums, entertainment venues, hotels and conference centers, airports, houses of worship, and government agencies.

  • Evolv has screened over 25M people
  • Evolv has prevented thousands of guns and other threats from entering venues.
  • Only Evolv can screen over 3,600 people per hour, eliminating the long lines of legacy weapons screening such as metal detectors, wands, and pat downs.
  • With Evolv, no stopping is required, no emptying pockets or removing bags – people simply walk through the entrance. 
  • Evolv’s products are in use worldwide including leading corporate offices, schools, airports, sports stadiums, entertainment venues, hospitality venues and places of worship.

The Evolv Express is manufactured in the United States and has been tested, verified, and approved by numerous organizations across the United States.


The Evolv Technology Global Services group provides customer support and includes the following key services:

  • 24/7 call center
  • Software upgrade support
  • On-site field services engineer support
  • Initial training and refresher training

Evolv Pinpoint

Know who’s coming through the door with integrated face recognition that delivers results in seconds.

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