Prevent. Don’t just react

Introducing Evolv Edge

A first-of-its-kind personnel screening solution, integrating walkthrough firearm and explosive detection for soft target protection.

or more people per hour
30 min
to set up and begin scanning
divestment required
Scans at the speed of life

Eliminate bottlenecks and long lines with a solution that scans as people walk through it, without the need to remove outerwear or empty pockets.

Detects today’s threats
Spot concealed mass casualty threats including non-metallic suicide vests, high capacity firearms and other threats. Different sensitivity settings based on target threat set.

Red light / green light automated detection with color-coded threat box over picture of the individual.

Ideal for complex environments

Flexible deployments include randomized or pop-up checkpoints to add layers of security in response to changing threat levels. Built-in wheels make it easy to move and deploy Evolv Edge™ quickly.

Integrated Face Recognition

Utilize optional watch list with Known Wolves™, disgruntled employees or people of interest; identify employees, VIPs or season ticket holders.

Integrated camera provides positive ID for alarm resolution.
Flexible for different screening scenarios
Portable System
With built-in wheels, one person can move the Evolv Edge™ throughout your facility.
Rapid Deployment
With the Evolv Edge™ in place, set up and begin scanning in less than 30 minutes.
Multiple Threat Settings
Change threat settings for different protocols and in response to real-time intelligence.
Discover how Evolv can help your organization reduce the risk of mass casualty threats.
For more Evolv Edge™ specifications, download the PDF and June Update